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Things I Like

These are some things that I like – in no particular order:

When bus drivers wave to one another
Tea from the teapot
A fresh, new magazine
Finding pound coins in bags I never use
Hot chocolate with marshmallows
Butterbean Bake (if you ask for the recipe, I’ll give it to you)
Pink and grey together
Charity shops
Old people
Going to the corner shop in PJ’s
The sunset from my window
Warmed pain au chocolat
The sea
Car boot sales
Colour coordinating my clothes
Buying myself flowers
Autumn leaves (when crisp and not like soggy cornflakes)
Touching leaves when its been raining
Battered Mars Bars (don’t ugh – try it!)
Reading a good book and feeling like you’re saying goodbye to a friend when it ends
Porridge with golden syrup
Benches that are dedicated to people
Sitting at the top and front of double decker buses

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