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Snap happy

July 28, 2009

For my birthday, I was given a beautiful new camera which is why I’ve been so distracted of late. If you fancy having a peek at some of my pictures, have a look at the ‘photos’ section of my blog.
But if you can’t be bothered or are on your way somewhere else, here’s a taster:

Sweetpeas, Pattie's Garden – July 2009

Sweetpeas, Pattie's Garden – July 2009

I’ve also been busy working on commissions for Prima, Sew Hip, Kitchen Garden and Knitting magazine – all of which you’ll be able to see in the ‘portfolio’ section shortly. I’m particularly pleased with the Prima piece as it tells the stories of three generations of women who enjoy craft and, as you’ll gather, I’m pretty fond of crafts too. In theory more than practice however. I often don’t have the patience to see fiddly things through which is why photography is so great – instant results and it keeps me out of trouble. And if you believe that, you will believe anything…

Freelancers who work from home – symptom checker

July 10, 2009

Freelancers who work from home may display all, if not, some develop some of the following behaviour:

  • An excessive thirst for knowledge sated only by upgrading from Radio 2 to Radio 4
  • Inappropriate crushes  – checking out the check out girls/boys whilst hunting for lunch is common
  • A distaste of post arriving after lunch time – the wait is too long
  • An uncontrollable urge to tell the builder next door everything about themselves
  • Be able to count on one hand the amount of people spoken to (does not count email)  before 12 noon
  • The need to have ‘watercooler’ moments on email. Every ten minutes.
  • A real desire to do all the washing up, admin and general housework before tackling the ‘real’ work
  • Running to the local shop in their PJs
  • Owning at least one pair of ‘easy’ trousers

Capturing the cake

June 25, 2009

I was lucky enough to meet Shikhita Singh of Fair Cake cupcake company a while back when I was writing a piece on London’s top ten cupcakes. Hers were some of the loveliest I have tasted and so I attended one of her courses to see if I could learn some of her tricks!
If you want to learn to make cupcakes, I’d thoroughly recommend it as Shikhita made it fun and super-easy to follow. Click here to find out more about the course and to see my photographs of the day.

We can't all be perfect but we try

We can't all be perfect but we try

Knitted jumper takes a bow

June 25, 2009

When you spend your life writing about other people – it’s easy to be complacent about seeing yourself in a magazine. However, this week – the shoe is most definitely on the other foot.
A journalist from The Mirror visited my Stitch and Bitch group in Herne Hill and wrote a feature on the knitting group for her blog. If you have a little look here, you will see that my Antoni + Alison knitted jumper – bedecked with oversize bow – has finally found fame! I have to admit that it looks pretty good and detracts from the strange facial expression I am pulling. For which I am thankful.
It’s worth noting that, to date, the jumper is my largest and more-or-less only completed project but I think it was worth the effort. I love knitting but am all talk and no action – I write lots about it for magazines but rarely seem to get round to doing it myself.
Thanks to Erica Crompton at The Mirror for reminding me that I can make things and that I really should do more of it!

Taking a bow

Taking a bow

The big dig

May 25, 2009

On a lovely sunny day (not so long ago) a bottle hunt took place on the Downs above Brighton’s beautiful beach. It was, by far, one of the best examples of free fun I can think of.
Just imagine, underneath your feet – the relics of history – from the original brown glass Marmite jars (Love it? I hate it) to the Brighton-specific Hooper-Struve spa bottles. I was surprised that Time Team weren’t there and our hosts Daphne and Simon who told us about this find, couldn’t have taken us to a better place! Simon it seems, is a master huntsman when it comes to finding them and try as we might, it were he that kept unearthing them.
One of my favourite finds was this RAF piece of china – unfortunately it was broken but I’d like to think about the conversations it must have heard and the people that used it.


Mind your peas and queues

May 5, 2009

My favourite graphic designer, OK-JO is to be part of a new exhibition at the Bodhi Gallery in Brick Lane from Thursday onwards.
Jo is responsible for making everything on my blog look pretty and has just launched her own blog to show off her doodles – have a look here.
The exhibition entitled ‘Power in Numbers’ is being put on by Print Club London and will feature the work of 50 artists, all of whom have produced a piece which is currently being screenprinted. There will be lots of prints to buy and Jo’s piece bears the legend ‘Form An Orderly Queue’ which we all know, is a typically British thing to do whether there’s anything to queue for or not.
In fact, why not try a form a queue today and see who joins you? Before you know it, you might have enough people to conga around the office and beyond…

The icing on the cake

April 28, 2009

The cupcake tasting is officially over! Thanks to everyone who helped me out with that – especially the eating part. I hope that you will all still be my friends despite the fact I’m now cupcake-less!
The cherry on the top of all this is that, the piece is now live and can be viewed here
I’m also going to be attending a cupcake making workshop with Fair Cake in a week or two so maybe, just maybe they’ll make a baker of me yet!

Make a date with cake

March 30, 2009
Have your cake? Eat it then!

Have your cake? Eat it then!

If someone asked you to find the Top Ten Cupcakes in London, you wouldn’t really turn it down would you?

So when I was asked to do this for a new online launch called Kalimocho from the team behind the popular iVillage, I said yes. Oh it’s tough. It really, really is.

I’m currently halfway through my task and wanted to share a few of my pictures with you. Those pictured include: The Organic Cupcake Company, Fair Cake, Lola’s Kitchen @ Harrods, Betty Blythe and Konditor and Cook.

I’ll let you know when the piece goes live and in the meantime, if you have found the best cupcake in London or think I’ve missed a trick, let me know!

Will you be my 50p penpal?

February 2, 2009

I just had an idea that I think could be really fun – I’m looking for a penpal who once a month could send me something they got for 50p in their local charity shop and in return, I will send them something too!

Christmas is so far away – so be my penpal and you could have a present every month!

If you like the sound of this, then send me an email:

The snowball awards – winners and losers

February 2, 2009
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Britain grinds to a standstill! Forecasters warn there’s more to come! Snow swept the country overnight! Here are just some of the inspired headlines today. As for how snow itself can sweep the country, I’m not so sure – though, surely Keep Britain Tidy campaigners must be pleased.
Is it a surprise that the infrastructure lacks structure? Mmm…
But just who are the winners and the losers in the Great British Snowfall? The results are in…

Seriously Piste Off

  • Estate agents (again) who can’t open because staff can’t start their Mini’s
  • Holiday-makers trying to escape the snow to go…skiing
  • The lady I saw in the street who walked all the way from chi chi area of London in search of an open post office. She was really piste off. She told me. And no, I didn’t ask
  • Parents with over-excitable kids and unsympathetic bosses. Boo!

It’s Snow Problem

  • Urban snowboardersit’s gnarly dude
  • Schoolchildren – hooray! The heating’s broken and the Head can’t start his 4×4
  • Sainsbury’s – huge queues in there today says our source (me). Excellent day for retail. A captive audience and impromptu tray-cum-sled buying.
  • Snowmen. Major boost to their popularity.
  • Photographers. Crystal Palace Park was full of them.
  • Slush Puppy fans. Well, there’s an abundance of the stuff and it’s free! But as ever, stay away from the yellow snow – it’s not lemon.