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Who’s that girl?

Portrait by Anna Spencer at

I am a freelance journalist with more than 5 years experience. I’ve written for a variety of publications including The Observer – follow this link to read my piece also, Time Out’s Shopping Guide and BBC Magazines.

I was also an editor for Archant Life and wrote features on the Godiva Chocolate Factory in Brussels (Charlie and his chocolate factory have nothing on me), enjoyed brunch on the Orient-Express and interviewed a host of celebrities. Get your own golden ticket to the Godiva Chocolate Factory here,–5092

As you will see from my blog, I love crafts and writing about them is such fun! I’ve discovered that collage is not just for kids,–8927 and knitting is definitely not just for grannies, see–26493

But talking of grannies – I have to confess to being a fan of what some might consider, granny pursuits. Be it car boots, tea from a vintage teapot or raiding the jumble sale, I can’t get enough. Visit the Things I Like page for more on that but for now, why not put the kettle on? I’m mighty thirsty…

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