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Warming up with woollens

January 28, 2010

January is not fun. But what it lacks in compassion, it makes up for in warm, fuzzy knits.

It might be chilly outside but it’s at this time of year that you can’t escape knitwear and quite frankly, who wants to?

As you’ll know I write quite a bit about craft and I’ve been lucky enough to work on features for Knitting magazine – meeting and interviewing amazing craftspeople.

I discovered the secret hero of the cult film Twilight was none other than Ruth Cross a designer based in Wiltshire who fashioned a pair of mittens which, as it turns out, turned up (without her knowledge) in the film worn by the lead character, Bella.

Read about it here

The ice cap cometh

In other knitting news, you might have read about the Icelandic Women’s Association and their latest challenge – to hand knit enough caps for all babies born in Iceland over the next 12 months. It’s estimated to be more than 5,000! Each cap comes with a card revealing who made the cap and what Association she belongs to and it’s hoped that this activity will raise awareness of the group  and highlight their skills.

The Iceland Review wrote about the piece and it was picked up by the press here too. I’m not sure how many babies are born in the UK each year but maybe the Icelandic Women’s Association has thrown down the gauntlet for our Women’s Institutes?

Show us your tats

I love making things but it’s quite unlikely that I will get a tattoo of a sewing machine. Having said that, thanks to a recent tweet by Sam Baker, editor of Red Magazine – I discovered that there are some serious hardcore knitters out there who have got themselves inked up for the cause.

Run and have a look over at Holy Kaw

And yet there’s more Rock and Roll to come…

A gem of an outfit

Marina and the Diamonds star Marina Diamandis has been wearing the most beautiful strawberry encrusted handknit made by Norwegian designer, Fam Irvoll (whose work I talked about in Sew Hip magazine).

It is such a lovely piece that I just had to get a picture of it, so thanks to Lauren Martin at Blow for sending one to me.

Strawberries and cream – perfect summer partners

And it goes to show that knits are not just for winter. Sod the strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, these are the only strawberries I want.

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