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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

December 3, 2009

You know a while ago I wrote about the top ten handmade gifts? Well, there was one I just had to have! It was a seed marker made by Esther Coombs
So, I decided to proposition her and see if she might be up for a little trade and to my joy, she was! I’d noticed that she seemed to be quite fond of Poole Pottery and as I had some pretty pieces, I asked if she’d like them in exchange for the seed marker.
This was great on two counts – one, no cash swapped hands and two, I knew the pieces I sent to her would go on to live a life of their own.
That was a month or two ago and I’d almost forgotten about it until I popped in to Hidden Art at The Truman Brewery and went and said hello to Esther and my friend Snowden Flood.

And then something caught my eye! Look what my Poole Pottery has become! It’s lovely to think that something I found will go on to a new home and be loved by someone who by all accounts, must love cake.

ooh you little gem!

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