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Freelancers who work from home – symptom checker

July 10, 2009

Freelancers who work from home may display all, if not, some develop some of the following behaviour:

  • An excessive thirst for knowledge sated only by upgrading from Radio 2 to Radio 4
  • Inappropriate crushes  – checking out the check out girls/boys whilst hunting for lunch is common
  • A distaste of post arriving after lunch time – the wait is too long
  • An uncontrollable urge to tell the builder next door everything about themselves
  • Be able to count on one hand the amount of people spoken to (does not count email)  before 12 noon
  • The need to have ‘watercooler’ moments on email. Every ten minutes.
  • A real desire to do all the washing up, admin and general housework before tackling the ‘real’ work
  • Running to the local shop in their PJs
  • Owning at least one pair of ‘easy’ trousers

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