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Make a date with cake

March 30, 2009
Have your cake? Eat it then!

Have your cake? Eat it then!

If someone asked you to find the Top Ten Cupcakes in London, you wouldn’t really turn it down would you?

So when I was asked to do this for a new online launch called Kalimocho from the team behind the popular iVillage, I said yes. Oh it’s tough. It really, really is.

I’m currently halfway through my task and wanted to share a few of my pictures with you. Those pictured include: The Organic Cupcake Company, Fair Cake, Lola’s Kitchen @ Harrods, Betty Blythe and Konditor and Cook.

I’ll let you know when the piece goes live and in the meantime, if you have found the best cupcake in London or think I’ve missed a trick, let me know!

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