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The snowball awards – winners and losers

February 2, 2009
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Britain grinds to a standstill! Forecasters warn there’s more to come! Snow swept the country overnight! Here are just some of the inspired headlines today. As for how snow itself can sweep the country, I’m not so sure – though, surely Keep Britain Tidy campaigners must be pleased.
Is it a surprise that the infrastructure lacks structure? Mmm…
But just who are the winners and the losers in the Great British Snowfall? The results are in…

Seriously Piste Off

  • Estate agents (again) who can’t open because staff can’t start their Mini’s
  • Holiday-makers trying to escape the snow to go…skiing
  • The lady I saw in the street who walked all the way from chi chi area of London in search of an open post office. She was really piste off. She told me. And no, I didn’t ask
  • Parents with over-excitable kids and unsympathetic bosses. Boo!

It’s Snow Problem

  • Urban snowboardersit’s gnarly dude
  • Schoolchildren – hooray! The heating’s broken and the Head can’t start his 4×4
  • Sainsbury’s – huge queues in there today says our source (me). Excellent day for retail. A captive audience and impromptu tray-cum-sled buying.
  • Snowmen. Major boost to their popularity.
  • Photographers. Crystal Palace Park was full of them.
  • Slush Puppy fans. Well, there’s an abundance of the stuff and it’s free! But as ever, stay away from the yellow snow – it’s not lemon.

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