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A wing and a prayer

January 27, 2009

Am I the last person to discover about Wing Yip? It’s like the Ikea of the Chinese food world and while you can’t get a hotdog for 50p, you can purchase a bottle of Tsingtao for 86p!
And as for the chopsticks – 40 pairs of bamboo for 98p. It’s crazy prices and it’s encouraged me not just to drink beer with chopsticks but to cook a belated Chinese New Year meal for my friend Miss Chan.
I’m not sure if you should ever attempt to cook traditional Chinese dishes for Chinese people but I’m going to give it my best shot so we’re having tofu, peanut and noodles, ‘proper’ egg fried rice and oriental mushrooms with hokkein noodles.

It’s a far cry from days at university when Miss Chan would cook herself authentic Chinese meals but I’m hoping that with the right amount of paraphernalia (courtesy of Wing Yip of course) she’ll appreciate my efforts.

PS. This page is not sponsored by Wing Yip

PPS. Unless a Wing Yip employee is reading this and if so, let’s talk.


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