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Cheating on your hairdresser

December 19, 2008

Been with the same hairdresser for years? Isn’t it time you started seeing other people?

I’m sure there’s lots of you who can admit to this. I’m not one of them – I change my hairdresser each time I need a haircut. This might be wrong but I can’t help myself. I tend to base my choice on shop frontage (yes, I know you can’t judge a book. I do read you know…) but also on availability. I want my hair cut when I feel like it, I don’t want to wait until next Thursday. Do men ever book appointments for the barber? No, they do not. Unless they use straighteners and in that case, they probably would never set foot nor hair inside a barber.

But I like a good cut and I like it less when the stylist holds up your hair and frowning asks where did you last have it cut. You see this is the lipstick on your collar equivalent – it’s a sure sign that you’ve been somewhere else.

So I was surprised to visit my newly-local hairdresser yesterday and not be quizzed and not feel guilty about my past. You see, there was no messing about and no expectation of a repeat visit but the funny thing is, I think I might actually return this time because for once in my life I have actual real grown-up hair and I quite like it.


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