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A response to Anna of Melbourne

November 30, 2008

Anna of Melbourne questioned me yesterday. She seemed a bit annoyed that I hadn’t updated my blog for a while and asked whether it was because I only have good time when I’m with her.
This isn’t strictly true Anna, but to save on the phone bill, here’s what I’ve been up to…
I’ve won two tickets to see money man Martin Lewis live. Is this exciting to anyone else? I once saw him dash into a well-known fast food chain in Shepherds Bush and had to stop myself from asking him whether he thought fast food was good for the pocket (it’s certainly pretty bad for the waistline).
But still, I’ll get to ask him this at the show this week – it’s being filmed for his new DVD so let’s hope I can scrub up OK and ask all the right questions.

I’m also starting to think about Christmas. I really want a real tree but last year it left gunky snail trails all over the floor and when I peeked at the fairy lights last week they were horribly sticky. This isn’t my idea of Christmas cheer. I’m planning to make most of my Christmas presents this year – I know this sounds romantic but it won’t be. I just hope my family and friends are of the ‘it’s the thought that counts’ persuasion.


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