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Marvellous Melbourne

November 22, 2008

I’m feeling rather hyperactive today as I’ve been to Marvellous Melbourne in Derbyshire. It’s not called that obviously, but it seems fitting, that today it should be.
The day kicked off with a visit to Tesco where I managed to bag the latest Cath Kidston shopper – it’s all floral and reminds me of a Seventies deckchair we used to have. But the problem with the bag? It was empty. Only one thing to do….fill it!

My friend Anna has recently moved to this little village and is living the good life dream – aside from the smallholding. Within two minutes, you’re slap bang in the middle of the village. First stop was the lovely MiMi shop – they sell kitchens but more importantly, lovely homewares – Cath Kidston mugs (she’s not sponsoring me), little necklaces and handmade egg cosies. I know egg cosies are not essential, but they are super cute.

After half an hour chatting to the lovely owner, we stumbled across a Christmas Bazaar! Hooray, what could be better? We got ourselves some raffle tickets and hoped to win the Fairtrade hamper. A little lady was shutting up her stall but I managed to get some beautiful bone china cups, saucers and plates for £1. As they say in Gavin and Stacey (and elsewhere) ‘you can’t go wrong.’ When I enquired as to why the lady was selling her fine bone china, she replied: “I moved to a bungalow, didn’t I?” As I don’t live in a bungalow, I can’t testify but I’m pretty sure that when I last went to one, you were allowed to use bone china. But that was 1985 and maybe things have moved on since then…

The same lady also sold me a Millers Guide to Antiques for 10p. I was impressed, now I’m just hoping that the tea cups feature in it. Keep your fingers crossed.

So much excitement and still it continued with a walk around Melbourne Pool and feeding the ducks. Everyone loves a duck. But then the geese appeared and I don’t care for geese.

At this point, it was getting cold and was approximately tea and cake o’clock so we headed to the craft centre for a cup of tea and a toasted teacake with a slab of butter. The crockery was pretty shocking and really, they should have made more effort, I toyed with getting my new set out but stopped. With only one storey, was this also a bungalow? Best not to. The teacake was yummy and we had a impromptu seminar on the benefits of environmentally-friendly coal (big clue there) from the owner.

But let’s not forget the best part – a visit to an old people’s home for their Christmas fete. We were welcomed enthusiastically by a lady who called me Wendy. The only worrying part of that was that this lady wasn’t a resident. Oh no. She worked there.

But the pickled onions only cost a pound and of course, it would have been rude not to enter the hamper prize draw. Bring on the 18th December when they pick the winning ticket!

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